Infographics 3D Map Kit (Infographics)


Infographics Map Kit is designed for easy creation of nice-looking presentations.
It will save a lot of time for professionals and quite accessible to the beginner video producers.
There are no plug-ins required (except optional Optical Flares).

Package Content

  • Basic “empty” project
  • Tutorial project
  • Ad video project
  • PDF help file
  • Video Tutorial
  • Installation script

Main Features

  • 3D Line Express Tool
    3D Line Express is a very simple to use tool which creates expression-driven 3D lines in After Effects.
  • 3D Line Express Effect
    It allows you to easily manage the editing and animating of 3D lines
  • Advanced Camera Control
    Increase your time efficiency and creativity by working smarter with Advanced Camera Control
  • Color Scheme Changer
    It make changing colors in the image very simple
  • Country/State Highlighter
    Easy and handy tool
    update: added CanadaProvincesAndTerritoriesHighlighter
  • Elements
    Animated elements

Other Features

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  1. omar says:

    i got this map but some thing wrong with it , after i finish 1 min , its only render the first 30 sec , and the rest of it the camera goes back to the top help me plz

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